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Tea: The All Inclusive Beauty And Health Remedy of All Time

Updated: May 22

From the far east to the west, tea is used to cure stomach aches, digestion, cold-like symptoms, and even hair problems.

Nature never fails in providing adequate solutions to most human body challenges. Tea is one of the most effective medical discoveries that originated in Asia. Specifically, India and China are credited for their massive contributions in learning and using tea for digestion and other bodily functions. It became a staple drink in Asia centuries ago and the same herbs are also used as ingredients to many Indian and Chinese dishes. Tea is so ingrained within many cultures that historians are unclear on when exactly tea was discovered. Mostly all agree that the South and East Asian cultures, namely China, India, and Japan, revolutionized the process of tea making, its consumption, and learning about its superpower benefits to the human body inside and out.

Tea is sometimes referred to as a medical discovery because when certain herbs are mixed with hot water and consumed, these teas became medicine according to ancient Chinese tradition. China is historically credited as being the trailblazer of using tea medically and leisurely.

Meanwhile, India is best known for Chai which is a tea mixed with milk, honey (or sugar) and spices. Plants such as henna, amla, brahmi, and among many others shiskakai are made into tea rinses or paste and applied on the hair for color, luster, volume, and growth.

Fortunately, western societies have recently awakened to the many uses of tea.

Finding the right combination of herbs and adding boiled hot water can drastically change a health or beauty problem over time. The two important facts to keep in mind are consistency and the proper herbs to solve the problem. Also, be warned that some herbs have caffeine which is a stimulus and too much caffeine causes dehydration, anxiety, and serious health complications.


Weight loss/bloating- Green/Oolong tea (caffeine), rosemary and mint tea, peppermint tea, turmeric and ginger with lemon melts fat over time.

Sleep- Chamomile tea, spearmint tea with honey. These two herbs are also great for hair.

Hair loss- Black tea, rosemary tea, chamomile, peppermint tea applied directly to hair.

Cold- Any anti-inflammatory tea like chamomile and peppermint helps break down mucus.

In short, inform yourself about the different uses of tea before trying. There are various legit resources and ways to use tea to enhance/heal the body. Specific herbs do specific things and they are very powerful, so be informed before you consume something new. Ask your doctor about teas that may aid with certain conditions. A little research goes along way.

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