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Let there be LUSH

Updated: May 12

With my belly full of delicious Kasper’s ice cream delights, my friends and I slowly strolled the crowded street of Colchester’s shopping avenue. We happily moved through the busy pathways in between the stores. School children walked arm in arm distracted by their phones and conversations while adults disappeared in and out of stores carrying out errands. Thinking that I had already experienced the best that Colchester had to offer, my friend Michelle casually remarked that she wanted to check out LUSH.

“What’s that?”, I asked.

“You haven’t been to LUSH? They have it in America don’t they?” she said confused.

“I have never heard of it,” I responded. Her eyes and mouth grew big in horror of my ignorance.

Michelle assured me that we had to go to LUSH immediately and excitedly described the scents, flavors, and goodies offered by the store. Still, I didn’t get it. I didn’t get the excitement and horror of not knowing about the allure of LUSH.

She navigated us in and out of the narrow shopping streets determined to introduce me to a store she knew that I would love. As we turned the corner, I smelled sweets as if the fruity skittles candy had exploded in the street.

“Do you smell that? You can smell the store as we get closer,” Michelle said as she held her phone in front of her like a torch light leading us through the darkness. We turned another corner and she announced, “Here we are. You are going to reaaaallly like it. I swear you guys have it in America”.

She led us through wide opened doors into a glowing entrance that welcomed us with delicious fragrances and colorfully craved images.

I didn’t know where to look. One thing after another caught my eye. The figures were beautiful with distinct aromas that attracted me. The craved images were magnificently cut out with precise details and bold colors. The smells were enticing. The presentation was………… What can I say about the presentation?

Each section seemed to have a theme such as cakes, ornaments, sweet treats, cheese, sushi, toys and even soaps shaped like dog bones/treats.

“No, we don’t have this in America, Michelle. I would have known about it”. I said very sure of myself.

Michelle ushered me slowly around the store while explaining the different products and images neatly and carefully displayed.

“These are bath bombs, body soaps, shampoos……” she went on.

Something caught my eyes, a cheese wheel. Then, next to it was a food or desert presentation that was labeled face masks. My mouth dropped.

“They are all beauty products, almost anything you need for hair, face, bath, shower,” She continued.

Being a skin care addict, I instantly called a clerk for help. The baby-faced cotton-candy hair girl patiently explained with more details about the face masks. As every word came out of her mouth, I became even more excited. I reverted from a 33-year-old woman to a young girl in a toy store made from candy. I was in heaven.

The clerk girl explained that the products were handmade with vegan-friendly natural ingredients. Knowing what I already believe to be best health care practice I loved that LUSH was all natural. To put the cherry on top, the clerk offered me free samples of the face masks and soaps that I was going to buy.

After asking a thousand questions and taking a million pictures, I skipped out of LUSH with my samples and LUSH’s business cards. I tried the face mask that was for anti-blemish and radiant skin that night. LUSH did not disappoint. My skin was clear and smoother the next morning.

Fortunately, Michelle was right. LUSH does have distribution and stores in America. What’s even more crazy is that there is a LUSH store 10 minutes away from my home in Houston. Ironic that I went all the way to England and found my new favorite brand that has been under my nose all this time.

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