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Let's Go Back to the Basics with Food

Updated: May 22

Eat travel-inspired food made with natural whole ingredients so your body will thank you.

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Knowledge across cultures

Coming from an African and Jewish heritage, food is an important part of my culture. Food is an important part of almost every culture. In most non-western societies, meals are prepared from scratch using basic ingredients that are transformed into something rare or into simple wholesome dishes.

Food is used not only for nourishment but also healing. Specific properties that some foods naturally have act as medicine for energy, cell rejuvenation, digestions, inflammation, and countless other issues.

Basically, food is best when it is made with natural essential ingredients which provides God-given nutrients and support to the human body.

Basic =natural =not man-made= natural resource from the earth and/or animals.

Personally, I like to research foods eaten by other cultures to inspire me in the kitchen and aid my attempt of having a healthy conscious lifestyle. Since I hate deliberate exercise, I think about what I eat and drink every time I consume something because the devil is in the details. Or in this case, the angel is in the ingredient.

With simple diet changes, people have lost tons of weight following practices by others. One can get healthier and thinner by simply going back to the basics with fresh food, herbs and spices. With little to no preservatives, no packages foods, no vitamin waters or weight loss hacks or fad diets, cooking with natural ingredients is the key to healthy eating. However, I do recommend vitamin and mineral supplements if your body needs an extra boost.

Let other culture’s knowledge about food influence you

I am a fan of Mediterranean food. This region of the world consists of countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea like Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, North African countries and so on. They grill and roast meat and fish smothered with herbs and spices that are delicious and beneficial to the body. Foods such as fresh fish, parsley, cumin, and colorful spices that can only be found locally are staple ingredients. There are certain oils, herbs, and spices in North Africa and the northern Middle Eastern countries that can only be produced in those locations making them rare to the rest of the world. Of course, for an African Jew this is not really a change since both of my cultures are in or heavily influenced by the Mediterranean area.

Another region that I totally adore is Asia. I cannot get enough of the all the Asian culinary masterpieces. I often try to recreate certain dishes in my own kitchen. From India, Japan to Korea and Thailand, I respect their basic ingredients and use of different HEALTHY herbs. I usually stick with chicken and fish because I do have religious restrictions with what I put in my body. I also advocate that others should stay away from strange delicacies like wild animals to protect their overall health. In short, food should be simple, basic but delicious, and support the human body.

Pick a country and some of their traditional foods to see what you like.

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