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Korean Beauty Trends: Are they worth trying?

With revolutionary and pioneering ingredients, K-beauty products are quickly becoming a favorite in the western beauty industry.

When it comes to having healthy skin, I'm ALWAYS interested in hearing about a new product. Almost every woman (some men) I know are willing to find a solution to whatever skin problem they may be experiencing. In many cases, some of us just want to boost or add something new to our routine that may already be working. Fact: Our skin and body have a tendency of getting used to products and may work less effectively over time. To beat this fact, it is always a good idea to have multiple options of products that actually work on our skin, hair, and body. Hence, my obsession with trying new skincare goodies that sound suitable for me. Enter......Korean beauty products that promise glowing, anti-aging, and wrinkle-free skin.

About a year ago, I noticed a lot of promotion and hype about Korean beauty products. They have become more prevalent in beauty havens like Sephora, Ulta, and Ipsy. K- beauty products are Korean-owned companies that provide an endless amount of innovative beauty solutions to the Asian beauty market. These ground-breaking products are sometimes weird (to westerners) but have become more popular among the fabulous and trendy Asian countries. According to People Magazine, a new exfoliate sold out in minutes of its release in Japan. Korean beauty might seem like a recent trend, on the contrary, it is a movement that has been historically established in Korean culture for centuries. With modern technology and forward-thinking, K-beauty is on a level of its own in the beauty community, particularly in regards to its effectiveness and mind-blowing ingredients. Fortunately for the rest of the world, social media and globalization has introduced westerners to Korea's beauty secrets.

Websites such as Amazon have an impressive collection of K-beauty merchandise that are affordable and very accessible. We don't have to go to Korea to buy authentic Korean goods. Thank God! We can quarantine and be travel-adventurous by trying foreign products at home. Being an enthusiast for learning about cultures and skincare, I investigated the trends that are currently in the K-beauty industry while also purchasing a few items.

Speaking of mind-blowing ingredients, Snail Mucus was the first product I stumbled upon that assures youthful skin and reduction of wrinkles. With the main ingredient being..................the mucus of snails.

I don't know how kosher that is but I am guessing not kosher at all. Since I'm not eating it I guess I will be fine. I also discovered numerous products with gold, caviar, clay, and vitamins as main ingredients. In the spirit of research, I believe that theses products are worth trying even if it's just for the experience. I am trying I Dew Care Vitamin glowing skin set and maybe a snail product. ***All products feature in this article were purchased from Amazon.com. Wish me luck.

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